Trade4me is a global financial trading company, a portfolio management as well as Investment management with the sole aim of solving  the financial trading problems.

Trading and Investment Teams: We’ve created an investment culture that insists on excellence and gives every trading team the resources they need and the freedom to create, continually developing their expertise.

Our journey has taught us to see things differently with Freedom to create resulting into Fixed income to our investors get good value on investment. We trade on the investment funds using Multi-Asseting thereby serving as an alternatives, Diversification and returns from a different perspective.

What is Investment?

It is essential for every individual to keep aside some amount of his income for a secure future. The art of assigning some amount of money into something,
which would benefit the individual concerned in the near future, is called as investment.

Why Investment?

Investment helps an individual to save money for the times when he would no longer be able to earn.
Investment makes an individual’s future secure and stable.

Where to Invest?

An individual can invest in any viable investable ventures.

Who decides where to invest?

How would one come to know where to invest and where not to invest ?
How would an individual decide which organization’s share would yield him the best results in the near future and which should be sold off immediately?
Here comes the role of a Investment Manager.

Who is an Investment Manager?

An individual who understands the client’s financial needs and designs tailor made investment solutions with minimum risks involved and maximum profits is called an investment manager.

An investment manager invests money on behalf of the client in various investment tools such as Forex markets, bonds, shares and so on to ensure maximum profitability.
It is the responsibility of the manager to choose the best plan for his client as per his financial requirements, income and ability to undertake risks.

Who is A portfolio manager?

A portfolio manager is a person or group of people responsible for investing into an assets, implementing its investment strategy, and managing day-to-day portfolio trading.
No Funds custodian while they get paid on their performance of returns of allocated asset.


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